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Sharing Workshop on Community-based Climate Change Mitigation Practices

The workshop was attended by 85 representatives from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Planning and Investment, research institutes, members of two networks Vietnamese Non-governmental Organizations and Climate Change (VNGO&CC) and CCWG, Embassy of the United States, Ausaid and some news agencies. The workshop saw the presentations and discussion on a range of climate change mitigation measures in a series of fields including energy, agriculture, fishery, forestry and education and communication. More specifically, there were presentations on non-fueled pump, bio-gas, micro-bio fertilizers, system of rice intensification (SRI), fertilizer deep placement, catch-crop of rice and fish, biofloc technology in aquaculture raising, clean development mechanism projects, making use of bamboo waste and education on climate change.
Quite a few constructive opinions were shared at the workshop with a view to promoting strengths and overcoming weaknesses of those practices. Some attendees put an emphasis on the cooperation among NGOs, state agencies, research workers and local community in climate change mitigation in particular and climate change in general. Environment, Science, Technology & Health Officer of the Embassy of the United States - Eric Frater shared with other participants funding opportunities  for responding to climate change and showed interest to Vietnamese civil society organizations in the combat against climate change.
Notably, all presented practices of this workshop will be studied and documented by the projects' experts with a publication to be circulated to related stakeholders in the near future.


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